Colton Lee Cummings Arrested for DUI, Evading Arrest


   Colton Lee Cummings, age 26, of Waynesboro, was arrested on Friday, October 18th on charges of DUI 2nd offense, driving on revoked 2nd offense, evading arrest, and a previous warrant for failure to appear. Deputy Tyler McKenzie filed a report stating that he conducted a traffic stop on Cummings’ vehicle on Highway 99 for a brake light being out. When Cummings stepped out of the vehicle and began talking with Deputy McKenzie, the deputy allegedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol. When Deputy McKenzie told Cummings to wait in front of the patrol vehicle while he checked Cummings’ information, Cummings allegedly took off running. Deputy McKenzie was able to apprehend Cummings and place him under arrest, at which time Cummings allegedly admitted to drinking a large amount of Fireball whiskey. Cummings was booked into the Wayne County Jail with no bond.