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Family and Consumer Sciences Education: Happy New Year!

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   Many of you may have thought about making a New Year’s Resolution. If you have and you are not sure how you will keep it, try this out.

   Make a Weekly Action Plan to help you reach your goals.

   There are rules for making an action plan. It has to be something YOU want to do. Something you can achieve in a week. It must be action specific. For example, losing weight is not an action or behavior, but avoiding sugary drinks is an action. Losing weight would be the result. You must also have a confidence level of 7 or more with 0 being no confidence and 10 being total confidence. If you don’t succeed, you will be less likely to be successful with your goal. Remember to start small.

   Your plan should answer these questions:

   What? How much? When? How often? An example would be: If you drink a bottle of Coke a day and you would like to lose weight your Action Plan may sound like this: What? This week I will drink less sugar sweetened drinks. How much? ½ bottle less. How often? At least 3 days this week.

   Another example: This week I will – What? Walk. How much? 30 minutes. When? In the morning. How often? At least 4 days this week.

   Write your Action Plan down and record every day to determine if you accomplished your goal for the week.

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