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When Will Our McDonald’s Be Back???

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Why is the Waynesboro McDonald’s closed??? That has been a huge question being asked by Big Mac and Happy Meal fans lately!

Hungry customers were disappointed a couple of weeks ago to see that our local McDonald’s restaurant was apparently closed, with the lights off and parking lot taped off. We were able to get in touch with the owner of the Waynesboro location, Mr. Tony Wolf, earlier this week. He explained that while doing a routine inspection of the roof on the building, he discovered standing water that indicated a larger problem.

Mr. Wolf said that it was his decision to close the restaurant until the necessary repairs are made. Unfortunately, it looks like the problem is going to take a few more weeks to fix. Insurance inspectors and engineers are in the beginning phase of conducting inspections and letting Mr. Wolf know what repairs are needed and how they are to be done.

Mr. Wolf said that he greatly appreciates all of his local customers, and asks for your patience while the problem is being taken care of. Watch coming editions of The Wayne County News for updates on reopening!

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