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Ryleigh Remembered

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   Ryleigh Stegall passed away from leukemia in September 2007. Her family founded the Butterfly Foundation in her memory the next month and had its first event, Ryleigh’s Walk, in November to commemorate her birthday. The Walk was initially held in Waynesboro where she attended school but spread to all county schools a couple of years later. It has been an annual event since 2007.

   This year’s challenges due to COVID-19 have forced the Foundation to change the Walk to an Event.  Each school will take a time to participate in some type of program during the week of November 16-20.

   The Foundation will have t-shirts for sale again this year. The shirt will read, “A butterfly is proof that you can go through dark days and become something beautiful.” They will be charcoal gray with blue lettering. Order forms will be delivered to the schools after Fall Break. All shirt orders need to be in by November 6. They will be delivered by November 16.

   Any business or individual that would like to purchase shirts should call Susan Myers at 931-722-4830 and she will email an order form to you.

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