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Indoor Batting Facility Dedicated to Adam Andrews and Danny Sandusky

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The Collinwood baseball teams dedicated their new indoor batting facility last week to the Adam Andrews and Danny Sandusky families for all the hard work they have put in over the years to support Collinwood baseball.

The late Adam Andrews was formerly Head Baseball Coach for the Trojans and was adored and respected by his players. When Adam was fifteen years old, the unthinkable happened. In a split second of football action, Adam sustained three broken vertebrae in his neck and irreparably damaged his spinal cord. Adam was immediately rendered a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down.

Adam was determined to get back to his “normal” life as soon as possible. He returned to school, with the help of his dad as his aide, in March of 2003, a mere five months after his accident. He graduated from Collinwood High School in 2005, and went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Education with an emphasis on Business from Martin Methodist College, and another Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Sports Management from Martin Methodist as well.

Adam was employed at Collinwood High School for several years as a College Counselor, Assistant Football Coach, and Head Baseball Coach. All the students and faculty knew and loved Adam and had a special respect for him that was different from any other. Adam Andrews passed away on December 24, 2019, from complications of pneumonia.

Danny Sandusky is truly a living legend, especially in anything associated with baseball. He was President of the Collinwood Dixie Youth organization for many years, coaching young players and devoting countless hours to the further development of Collinwood Dixie Youth Park. Danny has coached and mentored many of the players that now play baseball for Collinwood Middle School and Collinwood High School, along with many of their parents.

Both Adam Andrews and Danny Sandusky will always be remembered for their devotion not only to baseball, but also for their dedication to shaping and guiding young people’s lives.

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