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Fields of Faith is Sunday, October 1st

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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes invites the community to come be a part of their annual Fields of Faith event, coming up this Sunday, October 1, 2023. The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. at Pat Brewer Stadium in Collinwood. In case of rain, it will be moved to the Collinwood High School gym.

Huddles from Wayne County (Clifton, Collinwood, and Waynesboro) will be performing skits and dramas. Miley White, Shaina Calton, and Shawna Calton will be presenting the special singing. CHS graduate and current FCA Character Coach Brianna Brewer will be performing a special drama.

Lawrence County’s Kade Shultz will be giving his testimony at the event. Kade became known to many over the last couple of years after nearly losing both of his legs as the result of a terrible motor vehicle accident.

Isabella Morrow will be the guest speaker for the Fields of Faith event.

Wayne County FCA asks that if you cannot be with them in person at Fields of Faith, please be with them in prayer. Everyone’s support is truly appreciated. Come and receive a blessing!

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