Family and Consumer Sciences Education February 12, 2020


   Diabetics Can Avoid Sweets and Enjoy Valentine’s Day Celebrations

   Valentine’s Day can be challenging for people with diabetes. There are lots of sweet treats stocked in the stores and celebrating the holiday often involves giving or receiving chocolate. But there are things diabetics and others wanting to follow a healthy diet can do to celebrate the holiday without indulging in too many sweets. Here are some ideas to get you started:

*Make a handmade Valentine’s card.

*Cook or go out for a romantic dinner.

*Go for a walk or hike.

*A gift card to a local boutique or store.

*Take in a movie.

*Go to a concert.

*Plan an overnight trip to a romantic bed and breakfast inn.

*If you both enjoy sports, go to a ballgame.

*Don’t forget those old standbys: flowers, perfume and jewelry.

*Spend some quiet time with the one you love. It’s healthier than candy, and it’s free!