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Bobby Brown Memorial Walkway Honors Late Wayne County Icon

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Wayne County lost a true icon and friend to all on November 16, 2020. That’s the day that Bobby Brown passed away after suffering medical issues that ultimately claimed his life.

It would be very rare for anyone in our county not to know Bobby Brown in some way. Even if you never had the pleasure of talking to him, you undoubtedly saw him at one time or another walking down Dexter Woods Memorial Boulevard in Waynesboro, bible in hand. Rain or shine, hot or cold, Bobby was always on the move when he wasn’t at his desk at People’s Bank.

The Wayne County News featured Bobby in our special Disability Awareness section a few years ago. After meeting with Bobby at People’s Bank and speaking with him and his colleagues, it became obvious that Bobby was the perfect person to feature in the paper.

Bobby spent his younger years with his parents in Hohenwald before moving to a group home in Waynesboro. Bobby lost both of his parents before moving to Waynesboro, but he had several cousins in the area, and no shortage of people who considered him part of their family.

Bobby worked at a few different jobs after moving to Waynesboro, including McDonald’s, Fred’s, and E.W. James. Wherever he worked, he put forth an effort to which few can compare.

When someone met Bobby for the first time, it became fairly obvious that he was different. The word “disabled” would probably apply to Bobby in the true sense of the word, but Bobby never wanted to be considered as “disabled.” His mental challenges were offset by his determination to help his friends – and one must understand that Bobby considered everyone a friend.

Bobby loved to attend different churches in Wayne County, singing and delivering blessings wherever he went. He was a member of the choir at First Baptist Church in Waynesboro. There is no telling how many of Bobby’s friends stopped to give him a ride to church as he was walking down the four-lane. He also loved to attend football and basketball games, cheering on the Wayne County Wildcats with his typical spirit and pride. Bobby was a member of both the Rotary and Civitan Clubs, and loved to participate in civic activities.

Bobby found his “home away from home” at People’s Bank in Waynesboro. Bobby became a fixture and a greeter of sorts at the bank, where he had his own desk to sit and greet customers as they came in the door. The employees all considered him as part of their family.

Google the word “disabled,” and you will get the following definition: “impaired or limited by a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition.” One cannot deny that Bobby Brown had a cognitive condition, but “impaired” or “limited” by it? No way! Bobby defied that definition and blew it out of the water.

When driving down Dexter Woods Memorial Boulevard now, you will notice a new sign just past the town bridge. “Bobby Brown Memorial Walkway”…what could be more appropriate? Casey Jones, Maintenance Director for Wayne County and one of Bobby’s good friends, had the idea for the signs to honor Bobby. Highway Superintendent Chuck Moser had the signs made and paid for them out of his own pocket. Although Casey and Chuck aren’t looking for any praise, they are definitely to be appreciated for honoring Bobby.

Even though Bobby is no longer with us, the signs bring back memories of a tall, lanky gentleman, walking briskly down the highway with his bible tucked under his arm. Bobby was truly a unique individual whom God placed in our little town, perhaps to show us all an example of being pure of heart, and how to show love and kindness to all.

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