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Waynesboro Woman Barely Escapes Mobile Home Fire

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On Tuesday, February 15, a Waynesboro woman barely escaped death in a fire that broke out in her home. The Waynesboro Fire Department responded to a call at Shady Grove mobile home park on Old Highway 64 in Waynesboro, TN. When firefighters arrived on the scene, neighbors were fighting the fire with buckets of water, and had already knocked the fire down tremendously. Firefighters wet down the area and made sure there were no hot spots.

The source of the fire was determined to be a space heater in the living room. The occupant of the home, Karen Risner, made her way out of her bedroom and was forced to go through the burning living room to escape. She was transported to the hospital for treatment of burns and smoke inhalation.

A firefighter who was on scene spoke about the importance of having smoke detectors. He said that smoke detectors truly save lives, and early detection of smoke is the key to escaping a burning home without injury.

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