Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall…All Within One Week!


       Spring-like temperatures bringing out the flip-flops and shorts; monsoon-like rains, tornado warnings, and flash floods, bringing the need for rubber boots and umbrellas; snow-covered trees, cars, and houses, making the perfect background for selfies in puffy coats and toboggans…all within one week! And that was just last week, folks…it looks like this week we’re starting all over again!

       Last week did indeed bring the ever-changing and unpredictable weather that Middle Tennessee is famous for. Temperatures in the 70s at the beginning of the week were enjoyed by everyone, but also brought a sense of foreboding for the severe storms that would inevitably follow. Although the tornados missed Wayne County this time, unfortunately striking our neighbors to the east in Lawrence County, we saw flash flooding on Wednesday evening that brought Green River and other creeks in the area out of their banks. There were many areas of high water covering the roadways all across the county, posing a serious danger for drivers.

       Sunday of this week was another beautiful day in Wayne County, with an abundance of sunshine and temps in the 60s. But once again, heavy rains moved back into the area on Monday, pushing the mighty Tennessee River up above the official flood stage. TVEC officials made the decision to begin cutting power to some areas along the river in the interest of safety. The Tennessee River at Clifton was predicted to be at “moderate” flood stage by Wednesday, at a level of 376 feet. The National Weather Service lists the following problem areas during flooding events along the river in our area:

    374 feet – In Wayne County, Clifton Park at TVA Slough begins to flood, and the Beech Lake Campground on Beech Lake Road is completely flooded.

    378 feet – Portions of Route 128 north of Clifton begin to flood.

    380 feet – Route 128 north of Clifton is flooded and may be impassable.

       One thing is for sure…those of us who are privileged enough to call Middle Tennessee home have learned that the weather here may be unpredictable, but the good far outweighs the bad. And after all, it’s not just anywhere that residents can boast of experiencing all four seasons within one week!

       Stay tuned to upcoming editions of The News for the latest on the weather and flooding conditions in our area.