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Waynesboro Woman Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges

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   Brenlee Teal Berry, age 28, of Waynesboro, was arrested on Saturday, May 9th on charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent, possession of schedule II Oxycodone, possession of schedule IV Xanax, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Deputy Austin Lanier filed a report stating that he performed a traffic stop on a vehicle in which Berry was the passenger, and Deputy Tyler Sanderson then came to the location with K-9 Buddy to perform an exterior scan of the vehicle. The K-9 allegedly alerted to the passenger side of the vehicle, giving the officers probable cause for a search. The search then revealed a bag, which Berry allegedly claimed was hers, that held a lock box containing 0.6 grams of meth, one-half of a 7.5 mg Oxycodone pill, a pill believed to be Xanax, a used needle and syringe, and two glass pipes containing a white residue. Berry was transported to the Wayne County Jail and booked in on $100,000.00 bond.

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