Waynesboro City Commission Passes Second Reading of 2021-2022 Budget


   The Waynesboro City Commission met in regular session on Monday, August 9th, 2021 at City Hall in Waynesboro. All commissioners were present, including Mayor Chris Bevis, Vice Mayor Jeff Davis, Commissioner Lynn Warren, Commissioner Jeff Howell, and Commissioner Tony Creasy. Also in attendance were City Manager John Hickman, City Attorney Josh Polk, and City Recorder Paige Jackson.

   Mayor Bevis called the meeting to order, and Commissioner Warren offered the invocation.

   First on the agenda was approval of the minutes from the previous commission meeting. Commissioner Creasy made a motion to approve, and Commissioner Warren seconded. The minutes were unanimously approved.

   City Manager Hickman began by distributing investment reports and monthly cash collateral statements to the commissioners, and then gave brief updates on the following:

• The insurance company has inspected the playground equipment at the park and fences at the water plant and sewer plant that were damaged in the flooding a few months ago.

• FEMA has reviewed a flood-damaged bridge on Haggard Street.

• FEMA will pay the insurance deductibles that are not met on covered flood damages.

• The materials have been delivered and the boring has begun for the Highway 64 East water line extension project.

• After the 2021-22 budget passes the second reading, the bid process will begin on paving and other projects.

   The first item of new business on the agenda was the approval of surplus items. City Manager Hickman presented one vehicle to be declared as surplus, a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado that has been abandoned since May 2021. Commissioner Howell made a motion to declare the vehicle as surplus, and Vice Mayor Davis seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

   Next was a request for a new water tap at 644 Waynesboro Highway. City Manager Hickman confirmed that all the necessary fees had been paid. Vice Mayor Davis made a motion to approve the water tap, and Commissioner Creasy seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

   The second reading of the 2021-2022 Budget Ordinance was next. Commissioner Howell made a motion to approve the second reading of the budget. Vice Mayor Davis seconded, and the budget ordinance was unanimously approved.

   Next was the second reading of the 2021-2022 Budget Appropriations Ordinance. Vice Mayor Davis made a motion to approve, and Commissioner Creasy seconded. The ordinance was unanimously approved.

   Under open items on the agenda, Vice Mayor Davis inquired about a yard that needs to be cleaned up on South High Street. City Recorder Jackson confirmed that a letter had been sent to the property owner.

   Commissioner Creasy told the commission that there is now $1 million in grant funding available for approved site development grants that the city may be interested in.

   Vice Mayor Davis once again brought up the foul odor from the sewer plant that residents are still complaining about regularly. City Manager Hickman assured the commission that engineers are still going over checklists to make sure everything possible is being done to control the odor.

   Commissioner Howell asked when the paving projects could be expected to start, and City Manager Hickman said that they were planned to begin in September.

   Mayor Bevis lastly mentioned a bad spot in the roadway on Frank Boyd Street that needs attention.

   With no further business to come before the commission, Commissioner Creasy made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Warren seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.