Wayne County Winter Guard

Wayne County Winter Guard

Waynesboro and Collinwood High Schools Join Forces

Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021, Collinwood High School Band hosted a historic Wayne County winter guard audition with an experienced panel of judges. Winter guard is an increasingly popular high school extracurricular; it is an indoor color guard sport that incorporates flag and rifle twirling as well as lyrical dance. Unlike traditional color guard, the winter guard team performs independently from the band, to a recorded soundtrack rather than live music.

For the first time in Wayne County winter guard history, Waynesboro and Collinwood have combined their talents for the upcoming competition season. Experienced WCHS color guard member, Emily Gray, auditioned alongside CHS students for the opportunity to seize a coveted position on the team, and she was successful in her effort. Great job, Emily!

Emily Gray

Moreover, Collinwood High School student and band member, Chase Thomas, is the first male to ever secure a position on the CHS winter guard team. Great job, Chase!

Chase Thomas

In wake of Collinwood’s former band instructor, Mr. Berryman, having a stroke, Victoria Wilson, a former student of Berryman’s, has stepped up to continue his legacy. Mr. Berryman is in recovery, and Wayne County’s thoughts are with him during this difficult time. Good luck to Victoria and the Collinwood High School winter guard athletes in all of their future endeavors!

Band Instructor Victoria Wilson

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