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Wayne County School Board Approves Virtual School for Homeschool Students

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   The Wayne County School Board met in regular session on Thursday, December 12th, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in the Central Office Board Room. All board members were present, including Chairman Andy Yarbrough, Dwight Bumphus, Pat Brown, Greg Eaton, Barry Hanback, Sherman Martin, and Charity Horton. Superintendent Marlon Davis was present at the meeting as well.  

   Chairman Yarbrough called the meeting to order, and first recognized Cooper Vandiver, student representative from Collinwood High School. He then invited those in attendance to participate in a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance.

   The first items on the agenda included adoption of the consent items, minutes of the November meeting, and the November ledger of accounts. Barry Hanback made a motion to approve. The motion was seconded by Greg Eaton, and was passed unanimously.

   The first item under new business was Policy Review: Section 4 – Support Services – 4.100-4.2091. Superintendent Davis had no recommended changes to the policy.

   The Tennessee State Report Card was next on the agenda. Superintendent Davis displayed excerpts from the Report Card for Wayne County, demonstrating how to access the report online and discussing some of the components.

   A safety update was next, with Superintendent Davis updating the board on the status of the various safety updates in the schools.

   Next under new business was a homeschool report. Superintendent Davis told the board that there are currently 92 students registered to homeschool in Wayne County.

   Transportation Director Tracy Love next gave a transportation update. He presented information concerning the status of current school buses, stating that the bus inventory is in much better shape now than it has been in recent years.

   Next was a discussion of virtual school. Superintendent Davis presented the idea of forming a virtual school to give homeschool students the opportunity to stay enrolled in the district, and he requested permission to request an additional school number for the virtual school. Barry Hanback made a motion to approve the request, and Charity Horton seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

   Overnight trips were next under new business. Superintendent Davis presented one overnight trip for approval: WCTC – EMS Rescue, Franklin, TN, December 16-17. Charity Horton made a motion to approve the trip. Greg Eaton seconded the motion, and the trip was unanimously approved.

   Budget amendments were next on the agenda. Superintendent Davis presented $70,366 in line item budget amendments for approval. Barry Hanback made a motion to approve, and Sherman Martin seconded the motion. The budget amendments were approved unanimously on roll call vote.

   Next on the agenda was a FEMA grant application. Superintendent Davis discussed the prospect of applying for a FEMA grant to build a band room at Frank Hughes School. He reminded the board of the capital projects funds from 2014-15 that were not spent for this project. The FEMA grant would require a 12% match, which would cost the school system approximately $273,000. Barry Hanback made a motion to approve the FEMA grant application. Pat Brown seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously.

   Next, Superintendent Davis provided copies of the most recent audits of each school. He also asked board members to be thinking about topics for future board trainings.

   The superintendent then recognized Barry Hanback, who was recently honored by TSBA for 25 years of service.

   With no further business to come before the board, Barry Hanback made a motion to adjourn. Sherman Martin seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned.

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