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Wayne County Museum is History Coming to Life

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   History is truly coming to life at the Wayne County Museum, located on the square in Waynesboro. World War II uniforms actually worn by Wayne Countians are on display in the front room of the museum. These uniforms from different branches of the military bring to life the history of brave Wayne Countians who left their homes and families behind to travel across the world and risk their lives for their country.

   Also on display are letters and telegrams the soldiers sent home to their families. In reading these, one can only imagine their homesickness along with the fear of not making it back home.

   A display case in the “big room” of the museum contains the Purple Hearts awarded to Wayne County soldier Joseph Pevahouse, along with letters he sent back home. These Purple Hearts will only be on display for a little while longer, as they are on loan from Mrs. Ava Barnett, Mr. Pevahouse’s niece, who greatly values these medals given to her uncle for his service.

   Everyone is encouraged to pay a visit to the museum and enjoy the military and music displays. All of the items on display were either loaned or donated to the museum, and some items, as mentioned above, will not stay at the museum permanently. The museum is a step back in time that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

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