Wayne County Law Enforcement to Enforce Governor’s Executive Order


   Following Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order that was issued last week, which requires Tennesseans to stay at home unless they are performing essential needs, Wayne County law enforcement stated that the governor’s order would be taken seriously, and that they would take any steps necessary to ensure compliance.

   Wayne County Sheriff Shane Fisher issued the following statement:

   “Your Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is required by statute to enforce any Emergency Executive Order enacted by the Governor of Tennessee, such as Executive orders pertaining to the COVID 19 virus. We will utilize understanding and a common-sense approach while enforcing these orders as we understand the essential necessities and constitutional rights of each citizen. The essential jobs and activities are clearly noted in Executive Orders 17, 21, and 23. It is our goal to maintain the highest level of safety for each and every citizen of Wayne County, even when they may not understand or agree with our sworn duties. Our greatest hope is for everyone to return to normal activities as soon as possible and we believe the quickest way to return to normal is to follow the guidelines of Governor Lee’s Executive Orders. If there are any questions regarding how to address the Executive Orders, feel free to contact your Wayne County Sheriff’s Office at 931-722-3615.”

   Waynesboro Police Chief Walter Smith said that the main priority of his officers is to keep everyone safe while enforcing the governor’s order. He said that his officers are ensuring that teenagers and young people do not congregate in popular meeting places, which has been an issue since the first social distancing guidelines were issued.

   Collinwood Police Chief David Martin praised the citizens of Collinwood for practicing social distancing and staying at home as much as possible. He too mentioned the problem of young people gathering and socializing, and said that his officers are talking to the young people and explaining the importance of social distancing.

   Clifton Police Chief Jerroll Henderson praised the citizens of Clifton as well, stating that there have been no problems so far with enforcing the governor’s order. Chief Henderson said that his priority is keeping the citizens of Clifton safe, and that he and his officers will explain the requirements of the governor’s order in a courteous manner to anyone who has questions.

   Anyone with questions about the Governor’s Executive Order may call their local police department at the number listed below:

Waynesboro Police Department: 931-722-5458

Collinwood Police Department: 931-724-9227

Clifton Police Department: 931-676-3370