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Wayne County Jail Uses UV Lights to Help Eradicate Coronavirus

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   Sheriff Shane Fisher is pleased to announce the efforts of the Wayne County Jail to control the spread and elimination of the COVID-19 virus, as well as other virus pathogens, within the facility by utilizing the latest technology. Sheriff Fisher purchased the R Zero touchless germicidal system that utilizes ultraviolet lights to basically kill the virus by eliminating the ability to multiply and spread. The R Zero has been in the facility for approximately two weeks, and all cases that were in the jail have completed the quarantine times and no new cases have surfaced. Sheriff Fisher said, “I take responsibility for the care of inmates and staff that work here very seriously and will exhaust all means necessary to protect them.”

   The R Zero UVC disinfecting system will be used in conjunction with the policy and procedures already utilized by staff to hopefully prevent the virus from re-entering the facility. Sheriff Fisher has also utilized the R Zero to disinfect the court rooms at the Criminal Justice Center to aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19 by those who utilize the court systems in Wayne County.

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