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Wayne County High School Boasts New Indoor Softball/Baseball Facility

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   The softball and baseball teams at Wayne County High School are excited to now be able to hold batting and pitching practices inside the new facility located next to the softball field behind the WCHS gymnasium. The building housing the concession stand and restrooms, which was constructed before last year’s softball and baseball seasons began, was built onto and expanded over the last several months, adding several hundred square feet of usable space.

   A new locker room/dressing room for the girls on the softball team is now located behind the home team dugout, and a storage room was added to hold equipment for the baseball team. The largest and most impressive part of the expansion is the new area for batting practice and pitching practice. The teams have already been practicing for the upcoming season in the new facility, which gives them the opportunity to practice even when the outdoor weather conditions aren’t exactly favorable!

   According to WCHS Principal Ryan Franks, a bank note was secured to fund the new facility. He said he is hopeful that through fundraisers and donations, the note will be paid off within the next three years. The new facility will undoubtedly provide a safe and weather-protected area for young ballplayers to hone their skills for many years to come.

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