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Wayne County Health Department Currently Out of COVID Vaccines

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   The Wayne County Health Department announced on Monday that their supply of COVID vaccines had run out at 10:00 that morning, and they were unsure as to when they would receive more.

   The WCHD began administering COVID vaccines on Monday, December 21st. The first phase of vaccinations declared by the state includes healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors, first responders, and others. Healthcare workers will continue to be provided with the vaccine in Wayne County as soon as more become available. At the time of vaccination, healthcare workers will be asked to show an ID badge if they have one, and list their place of work on the registration form.

   The WCHD also began administering the vaccine last week to individuals over the age of 75. There was a very large turnout for the 75 and older vaccination event held on Saturday, which according to County Public Health Director Devin Ezell, contributed to the WCHD running out of vaccines on Monday.

   Ezell confirmed that the public will be notified when more COVID vaccines become available at the Wayne County Health Department. Links are provided below, with the first link showing vaccine availability in each county. This site will be updated frequently by the state as to which counties have the vaccine.

   The second link is to the State of Tennessee COVID-19 Vaccination Plan. This site has informative graphics regarding the vaccination phases.

   For more information of COVID vaccine availability in Wayne County, call 931-490-8312.



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