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Wayne County Delinquent Tax Sale Scheduled for Friday, July 10th

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   There are around 20 parcels that have unpaid taxes and are scheduled to be sold at the Wayne County Delinquent Tax Sale on Friday, July 10th at 10:00 a.m. at the Wayne County Criminal Justice Center, according to Chassity Kelly, Wayne County’s Clerk and Master. The parcels are being sold for Wayne County, the City of Waynesboro, the City of Collinwood, and the City of Clifton. A legal notice was published in the Wayne County News on June 17th with specific details of the sale. Mrs. Kelly stressed that officials are still hoping owners will pay the taxes before the auction becomes necessary. The parcels of land offered to be sold are for the 2017 tax year, as well as any other previous years’ taxes which may still be due.

   Even if the land is sold, owners, lien holders or those having an equitable interest will have a period of one year to come to the Clerk and Master’s Office to file a motion to redeem the property. In addition to filing the motion, the redeemer will also have to pay the amount of the taxes owed at the time of the sale, as well as interest on the sale bid, which will be paid back to the tax sale purchaser if the redemption is granted. 

   The highest bidders at such sale shall pay the amount of their respective bid to the Clerk and Master’s Office immediately subsequent to such sale, and the purchasers shall receive certificates describing the parcels of the property purchased and the amounts paid for such parcels. If the respective sale is confirmed by Court decree subsequent to the sale and if the owners of the various parcels or other authorized persons do not redeem the same within the one year period fixed by law, the purchasers shall be entitled to receive conveyances of the respective parcels purchased by them at such sale.

   Neither the Clerk and Master nor the Delinquent Tax Attorney makes warranties or representations as to the description or status of title to the properties being sold in said tax sale.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to have researched the title, legal description and to have physically examined the property being sold. 

   In order to follow social distancing guidelines at this year’s sale, officials are asking that only registered bidders attend the sale if at all possible. Additionally, bidders will be required to stay six feet apart, and temperatures will be checked at the door.

   Anyone that needs more information can see Mrs. Kelly at her office in the Wayne County Criminal Justice Center or by calling (931) 722-5517.

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