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Wayne Co. School Board Meets in First Session with New Members

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   The Wayne County School Board met in regular session on Thursday, September 10th, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. in the Central Office Board Room. Board members present included Chairman Andy Yarbrough, Sherman Martin, Charity Horton, Dwight Bumphus, Greg Eaton, Camryn Eaton, and Debbie Brown. Superintendent Marlon Davis was present at the meeting as well.

   Chairman Yarbrough called the meeting to order. The first order of business was the election of a Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board. Greg Eaton nominated Andy Yarbrough to continue to serve in the position of Chairman. Sherman Martin seconded the motion, and Andy Yarbrough was elected Chairman of the Board.

   Sherman Martin then nominated Charity Horton for Vice Chairman. Greg Eaton seconded the motion, and Charity Eaton was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board.

   Chairman Yarbrough next invited all those in attendance to participate in a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance.

   The first items on the agenda included adoption of the consent items, minutes of the August meeting, and the August ledger of accounts. Charity Horton made a motion to approve. The motion was seconded by Sherman Martin, and was passed unanimously.

   The first item under old business was a nurse update. Superintendent Davis updated the board on the current status of placing nurses at Wayne County High School and Collinwood High School. Tabitha Sexton has been hired as the nurse for this school year at Collinwood High School, but the search is still ongoing for a nurse at WCHS.

   Next under old business was the CARES Act budget. Superintendent Davis presented the CARES Act budget to the board for their approval. The plan was initially presented at the June meeting, and discussed during the July and August meetings. Sherman Martin made a motion to approve, and Charity Horton seconded. The CARES Act budget was unanimously approved on roll call vote.

   The first item under new business on the agenda was the appointment of a TLN Representative. Superintendent Davis stated that he had served in this capacity in the past. Camryn Eaton made a motion to appoint Superintendent Davis as TLN Representative, and Sherman Martin seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

   The next item under new business was Policy Review: Section 5 – Fiscal Management – 5.605-5.803. Superintendent Davis had no recommended changes to the policy.

   A COVID-19 update was next. Superintendent Davis provided the board with the number of student and staff positive cases, as well as the number quarantined.

   Next was discussion of the student attendance schedule. Superintendent Davis presented information about the current schedule, stating that students began the year on an “ABC” schedule, with students divided into three groups and attending school every third day. Students are now on an “AABB” schedule, where they are divided into two groups and either attend on Mondays and Tuesdays or Thursdays and Fridays, with Wednesdays reserved for cleaning and distance learning. The superintendent asked for the board’s approval for the new schedule, and Charity Horton made a motion to approve. Camryn Eaton seconded the motion, and the schedule was unanimously approved.

   Superintendent Davis next presented a brief update on School Resource Officers in the schools. No action was required by the board.

   Two resolutions were next on the agenda for approval. The first resolution concerned suspending various board policies due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. The second resolution was in support of a bill being introduced by State Representative David Byrd that would put a one-year moratorium on state testing. Sherman Martin made a motion to approve both resolutions. Debbie Brown seconded the motion, and both resolutions were approved.

   Bids for various goods and services were next on the agenda. Superintendent Davis presented the bids for each of the following, which were awarded on motions passed unanimously by the board:

•Equipment for Wayne County Technology Center, low bid – Athens Paper, $15,290.00. Motion: Greg Eaton, second: Sherman Martin.

•Pest control, low bid – Kirkland’s Pest Control. Motion: Sherman Martin, second: Charity Horton.

•Copy paper, lowest bid to meet specs – A to Z Resources, $31 per case. Motion: Sherman Martin, second: Charity Horton.

•Janitorial supplies, recommendation from Superintendent Davis – North Alabama Chemical and A to Z Resources. Motion: Sherman Martin, second: Camryn Eaton.

   Under “other” on the agenda, Superintendent Davis announced that due to recent USDA changes, all students in Wayne County Schools will receive free breakfast and lunch for the remainder of the calendar year.

   Greg Eaton asked if there had been in progress made in finding money for raises for cafeteria workers. Superintendent Davis outlined the status of the cafeteria budget and staff, and said that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some part-time staff had been let go. After a lengthy discussion that included some cafeteria staff members in the audience, Greg Eaton made a motion to request that Superintendent Davis present data to the Budget Committee to explore options for additional pay. Camryn Eaton seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

   Charity Horton inquired about the status of Foster Grandparents returning to the schools. The superintendent stated that he had been in contact with SCHRA, the agency that runs the Foster Grandparent program, but he had not yet been provided with a date for their return.

   With no further business to come before the board, Sherman Martin made a motion to adjourn. Camryn Eaton seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.

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