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Wayne Co. Beautification Project & FHS Students Make Great Impact on Earth Day

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   It was an amazing Earth Day 2021 last Thursday with the Wayne County Beautification Project and the students from Frank Hughes High School in Clifton, TN. These awesome kids pulled out an impressive 2,814 lbs. of trash from the Tennessee River!

   They cleaned a site on Jeter Towhead Island, where an entire floating marina was beached during the 2019 flood. The students did a great job, pulling out LOTS of styrofoam that had come out from under the marina, two refrigerators, a 500-pound tractor tire, and much more.

   “Clifton delivered a very special Earth Day, with a big impact made for the Tennessee River thanks to collaboration with the Wayne County Beautification Project, Clifton Marina, and especially the Frank Hughes High School students,” said Kathleen Gibi, Executive Director for Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful. “These impressive kids had the best attitude, showed a hard work ethic the entire cleanup, and used teamwork to get the job done—all things that give hope for our future.”

   It was a wonderful Earth Day with some amazing kids who care about our river!

   Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful will be back in action on Saturday, May 1, 2021 continuing to work on cleaning up the same island and surrounding shorelines on The Tennessee River in Clifton.

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