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Tyler McDonald Announces Candidacy for 3rd District County Commissioner

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My name is Tyler McDonald, and I am running for one of the two seats available for 3rd District Wayne County Commissioner. I am married to Nicole McFall McDonald, formerly of Lutts, TN. We have two children, Hazel Ann, four years old; and Colt, who is two. I am a lifelong resident of Wayne County; I have lived and worked here all my life. My family and I own and operate 4 Mac Machining, Inc. I am currently serving as Vice President, and I still handle day-to-day operations including machine operations, training employees, and working with the public, such as loggers and farmers. My dad, John McDonald, has been one of the County Commissioners in the 3rd District for the past 16 years and will not be seeking re-election. My dad has taught me a lot about the workings of our local government.

I am running for one of the two County Commissioner seats for the 3rd District. My brother Colby McDonald will also be running for one of the two seats for this district. If elected, we will work together even though we don’t always have the same viewpoint.I feel like my experience working with the public, along with my money management experience, will make me an asset to the commission. With an industrial background, I want to promote more jobs in manufacturing. I am running to help the county and improve the future for my children and grandchildren so they can grow up and stay here as I did.If increased taxes are required, I think the voters need to know how the money is spent and what it will be used for in the future.

I will try to reach out to as many voters as possible before the election. If I miss you, it is not intentional. Please contact me at 931-722-4532 if you have any questions.

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