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Two Arrested for Drag Racing, Evading Arrest

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   Brian Leon Sherrill, age 20, of Cypress Inn, was arrested on Tuesday, December 30th, and Dakota Blake Beckham, age 21, of Waynesboro was arrested on Wednesday, December 31st.  Both were charged with felony evading, drag racing, and two counts of reckless endangerment. The arrests were made after the two men were allegedly observed drag racing on Highway 64 East. Deputy Austin Lanier filed a report stating that he observed a black Ford Mustang, later determined to be driven by Brian Sherrill, and a black Dodge Charger, later determined to be driven by Beckham, pull side by side and proceed to race toward Waynesboro at a high rate of speed. Both vehicles allegedly refused to stop when Deputy Lanier activated his lights and sirens. After turning onto Highway 99, both vehicles allegedly passed a silver van on a double yellow line. Deputy Lanier lost the vehicles in the Mt. Hope area and ended the pursuit. Deputy Dillon Allen later located Sherrill, and after questioning, Sherrill allegedly admitted to the charges. Both Sherrill and Beckham were arrested and booked into the Wayne County Jail on $16,000.00 bond.

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