The Collinwood High School Trojanettes faced Adamsville at home on Tuesday, November 23rd. Starting off slow, the girls were up by 2 points at halftime with a score of 27-25. After a close game the girls pulled a win with a final score of 57-53.

Leading the team with 22 points and having 9 rebounds was AC Whitehead. Right behind Whitehead was Alyssa Gray with 12 points and 6 rebounds. Danlee Bray had 9 points and 3 rebounds, Tessa Statom had 7 points and 7 rebounds, Harlee Haddock had 5 points and 3 rebounds, Kaycee Luker and Hayley Siems had 1 point and two rebounds each.

The CHS Trojans vs. Adamsvile game was next. Following an uncertain start, the Trojans failed to make a comeback from being tied at the end of the third quarter and ended with a final score of 57-53. Leading the team was Noah Haddock with 16 points. Following Haddock was Peyton Ward with 11 points. Joe Houston Thompson had 6 points, Kelsey Moore and Benson Blalock had 4 points each, Blake Whitten had 2 points, and Carter Smith, Christan Zepeda, and Fletcher Thompson had 1 point each.    The Trojans and Trojanettes truly appreciate the Trojan Nation fans for coming to the games to support the athletes and for supporting them in so many other ways. Watch the Collinwood High school Facebook page for updates and videos of the games!