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Tennier Industries to Permanently Close Waynesboro Location

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   Tennier Industries, the military apparel factory that celebrated its Grand Opening in Waynesboro on October 24th, 2018, has announced that they will be closing their doors only three years after cutting the ribbon on the facility.

   In a letter to employees and city officials, Tennier Industries CFO Lester Albert said in part, “This letter is being issued…in order to notify you that Tennier Industries, Inc. is going to engage in a plant closing at its facility located at 102 Industrial Drive, Waynesboro, Tennessee, effective December 16, 2021. This will result in the separation of approximately 66 employees.

   “Due to the loss of contracts that were anticipated to be in effect, the Company is having to close the Waynesboro facility. This layoff is expected to be permanent unless new contracts are obtained.”

   “This plant closure will definitely have a devastating impact on the employees and their families; making it even worse is the fact that it is happening right at the holiday season,” said Waynesboro Mayor Chris Bevis. “We certainly hope that new contracts may be secured, and that these employees may be allowed to continue working or be called back to work as soon as possible.”

   Mayor Bevis went on to say, “The City of Waynesboro strongly supports the Joint Economic and Community Development Board’s persistence in trying to attract new businesses to our area. We are always open to the prospect of a new business in Waynesboro.”

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