Summertime Fun…Things are Getting “Back to Normal!”

    Things are finally starting to feel more “normal” in Wayne County! The coronavirus pandemic that hit our country in March put a stop to, sports, church, social gatherings - everything in which Wayne Countians were used to taking part and enjoying.

    After what has felt like a very long few months, many of the social distancing restrictions have been eased, and summer activities throughout the county are starting back up. The Waynesboro City Pool has had big crowds almost every day since their reopening on Memorial Day. The City of Collinwood hosted their monthly “Music in the Park” on Saturday, June 20th, and the band Southern Fire drew a big crowd of listeners – and even a few dancers! Also, the Waynesboro Sportsplex has hosted several softball tournaments on weekends, with more to come.
    Summertime in Wayne County…Here We Come!!!