Summer Fun in Full Swing at Waynesboro Water Park & Pool


   With the outside temperatures rising to sweltering levels, the Waynesboro Water Park & Pool has established popularity as being the perfect spot for those looking to cool off from the sizzling summer heat.  Since opening on Memorial Day, the staff has welcomed numerous visitors coming from eighteen counties and greeted dozens of tourists visiting from eleven different states.

   Construction to build the pool began in the fall of 1974 with a completion date set for the spring of 1975. As anticipated, the finished pool opened its gates to the public in May 1975. It has remained open every summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day for 46 years as a municipal service to the community. 

   Several adjustments have been made over the years to adapt with the changing of times in order to keep it open for the public. A 150ft slide and a 20ft slide were added to draw interest as back yard pools became readily available. Private party rentals have become a trendy way to celebrate birthdays, family reunions, church events, etc. Swim lessons and Aqua Size classes have also been available throughout the years as well. The newest addition to the pool was added just this spring. A new concrete deck was constructed to give an additional sun lounging area for the various guests visiting daily. 

   The pool has seen its ups and downs over the years, but this year’s swim season is proving to be the best one yet. Those wanting to enter for a fun day in the sun are often seen lining up outside the gate before opening time. “The attendance we are having ranges from 85 to 150+ swimmers each day,” said pool manager Martha Kelly. “They come from all surrounding counties and some drive for a couple of hours just to swim with us. They come for the slides, the reasonable admission cost, and being allowed to bring their own coolers and snacks.”

   During the swim season, the pool is available for private party rentals each night for a 2-hour or 4-hour party. Private rentals have proven to be a tremendous hit this year. Due to the overwhelming interest, every available date has been successfully filled for a celebration or gathering. Also, the pool offers a one-hour Aqua Size Cardio class each Monday and Thursday afternoons at 5:00pm for a minimal cost.  Everyone is welcome to join!

   Waynesboro Water Park & Pool encompasses a friendly, family environment where parents feel safe and comfortable bringing their children to the facility under the watchful eyes of six Red Cross certified lifeguards on duty at all times. The pool is fully staffed and employs eighteen young adults as lifeguards and gate/concession workers. “Each day I have someone compliment the facility, the lifeguards or the staff. Hearing such positive comments gives everyone a since of pride, a pat on the back for a job well done. It takes everyone working together doing their part for a safe and fun day,” stated Kelly. “I have a fantastic group to work with!”

   With July coming to an end and the opening of schools, the week of August 25 will be the last full week the pool will be open Monday through Friday. Starting August 1, it will only be open on Saturdays and Sundays. Regular admission prices will apply these days. September 6, Labor Day, will be the last day the pool will open the gate for the 2021 summer.

   As a small community we are extremely fortunate to have a venue such as the pool that draws visitors from all over the state to our town. Not only is their support shown at the pool but they also patronize other local businesses as they arrive and exit the city limits. Many are visiting for the first time while others return year after year to ride the slides. The favorable words we love as they wave goodbye are, “We love it here, we will be back, and see you next year!” Waynesboro Water Park & Pool will always remain to be a favorite of those that visit.