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Shermin Williams is Guest Speaker at W’boro Rotary

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Nancy Shaw, Waynesboro Rotary Club member and owner of the Tennessee Fitness Spa, recently had Ms. Shermin Williams as her guest at Rotary. Ms. Williams is the owner of Back2Basics, located in the Barlow Shopping Center. Back2Basics is a source for health foods, herbs, supplements, and educational material on cooking and health & wellness. She spoke to Rotary members about the importance of making their individual health a priority. To improve health, she used the acronym N-E-W S-T-A-R-T as a method to help remind everyone of the importance of health lifestyles. NEWSTART is the acronym for Nutrition, Exercise, Water intake, Sunshine for Vitamin D, Temperance of anxiety, Fresh Air, eight hours of Rest each night, and Trust in God.

Waynesboro Rotary is a community service club that meets each Tuesday at noon at Dad’s Pizzeria. Waynesboro Rotary is seeking members that want to serve their community, work for the youth of our community, and make Wayne County a better place to live and work.

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