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Sheriff’s Office Reports Pattern of ATV Thefts

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   The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office wants citizens to be aware of a possible pattern of ATV thefts in Wayne County over the past couple of years, according to evaluation of their reporting system. The most recent incident is similar to incidents in recent history, and investigators are tirelessly working to solve these thefts.

   The Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking the public’s help with locating a stolen 2018 Polaris Razor XP taken from the Walnut Grove Road area in northern Wayne Count (see picture for description). The Razor is believed to have been taken Sunday night, February 16, 2020. If you have any information about this vehicle, please contact dispatch at 931-722-3615.

   If you own an ATV, officers encourage you to please take steps to secure and monitor it, and to report anything suspicious to the Sheriff’s Office.

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