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Sheriff Shane Fisher Announces Re-Election Bid

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Sheriff Shane Fisher announces re-election bid:

I, Sheriff Shane Fisher, am announcing my candidacy for re-election as your Sheriff of Wayne County. I first want to thank the citizens for the opportunity to serve as your Sheriff since September 1, 2018. It has been an honor and privilege to serve the great citizens of Wayne County. I have managed the Sheriff’s Office at the highest level while being fiscally responsible, completing the financial responsibilities every year at less than the budget set and approved by the Wayne County Commission, returning thousands of unused tax dollars so they can be used in other areas of need by the County Commission. Each year as your Sheriff, the audits of the budget by the State Comptroller’s Office have returned clean audits with ZERO findings of inadequacies or wrongdoings.

Moreover, I have worked with the Wayne County Schools and Wayne County Commission to implement School Resource Officers in each of the three cities while using zero county tax dollars. Those School Resource Officers are now teaching our children of the dangers of bullying, vaping, alcohol and drug abuse, while keeping them safe so they can have a better learning environment. I currently serve on the School Resource Officer Committee for the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association. I have also added two narcotics detection K9s to our force to aid deputies and other local law enforcement agencies in efforts to bring drug dealers to justice, utilizing ZERO county tax dollars. Under my direction, your Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has been successful in identifying, arresting, and prosecuting multiple organizations engaged in delivering and selling methamphetamine in Wayne County.  Your Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has been recognized as being one of the leaders in efforts to minimize the impact of illegal drugs in our county and state. I have worked with the Wayne County Commission to improve efforts in reducing the recidivism rate in Wayne County by creating the Workhouse Program for those incarcerated in Wayne County. I have been able to work with the District Attorney’s Office and Judges to better manage our corrections facility while also getting the significantly longer sentences for those who are ruining our county by bringing in illegal drugs. The Wayne County Correctional Facility has been certified by the Tennessee Corrections Institute each year under my supervision and was a model facility across the district and state during the COVID pandemic. These are just a few of the advancements and progresses we have made in my first term as your Wayne County Sheriff.

For the past 28 years I have served in law enforcement in many different areas. I started my career in 1994 for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office where I worked as a Deputy Sheriff. I immediately knew that the biggest problems that faced our county were illegal drugs and their impact on other crimes, as almost all crimes are in some part related to illegal drugs. I worked for almost 20 years with the drug task forces across the state and have received numerous awards and recognitions for those efforts. I have the experience and training to continue to lead our agency to new heights and reduce even more the availability of illegal drugs in our great county. I have served in different levels within the Sheriff’s Office and have observed the phenomenal changes that have taken place over the past almost three decades of service. I want to continue to advance our efforts and strategies to diminish the effects of illegal drugs on our citizens and continue to operate at, or below if possible, the budget set by the County Commission.

Wayne County simply cannot take a step back or even pause from the gains we have made in suppressing the influx of methamphetamine and other illegal drugs into our wonderful county.

I humbly ask for your vote so these efforts, and others that are not mentioned, can continue to improve our county.

Shane Fisher

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