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Semi Trucks Cited for Driving on Natchez Trace

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   On November 18, 2020, early in the morning, law enforcement Park Ranger Tim McElwain was conducting traffic enforcement patrol when he stopped four semi-trucks on the Natchez Trace Parkway near milepost 250 and cited all four drivers. Later in the afternoon, Ranger McElwain stopped two additional semi-trucks, and again both drivers were cited. 

   Supervisory Park Ranger John Hearne stated, “Despite increasing signage and enforcement, commercial vehicles on the Parkway remain a recurring problem. The Parkway is not wide enough for large trucks and the roadbed was never build for their weight. The poor condition of the Parkway is caused, in part, by overweight vehicles.” 

   “We are concerned about commercial vehicles being operated on the Parkway,” said Chief Ranger Prashant Lotwala. “Natchez Trace Parkway is a unit of the National Park Service and should be utilized for outdoor recreational activities and for scenic drives. The Parkway should not be used by commercial vehicles including semi-trucks.” Rangers remind the public that commercial vehicles operating on the Parkway should be reported to the Communication Center by calling 1-800-300-PARK(7275).

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