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This week’s featured photo was submitted by Mr. John Dumont. The spiderweb is glistening as the morning dew settles on it, creating a natural work of art. The beauty of God’s world is evident once again, captured in a photo!

Thank you to Mr. Dumont for another great photo, we truly appreciate your submissions!

We are still asking our readers to submit photos to be featured as our “Photo of the Week.” There is no charge for featuring your photo, and it will be published in color.

There are some rules and guidelines for your photo, including:

1.)   The subject of your photo may be chosen from many things, including wildlife, nature, places to visit in our county, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, etc. We do accept photos of anniversaries, births, birthdays, etc., but those photos will not be featured as a “Photo of the Week,” rather, they will be featured on our Society page free of charge.

2.)   The photo MUST be taken in Wayne County; however, the photographer does not have to reside in Wayne County.

3.)   The photo must be original (i.e., not from a magazine or other publication). It’s fine if you have already posted it on social media!

4.)   Your photo must be submitted by email to [email protected]. We unfortunately CANNOT accept photo submissions for this feature by mail or in person.

5.)   Your email should include the photo, the photographer’s name, a description of the photo, where and when the photo was taken, and a telephone number for the contact person regarding the photo.

This is a great way to highlight great hometown photographers while giving our readers a taste of what Wayne County is all about!

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