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“Operation COVID Relief” Methamphetamine Eradication

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   On Monday, October 19, 2020, officers with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office executed arrests from Wayne County Grand Jury indictments relating to “Operation Covid Relief,” a months-long investigation involving the distribution of methamphetamine in Wayne County.

   “Methamphetamine is just as much a pandemic in Wayne County as any other disease, and it shows that during the disastrous times we are encountering with the coronavirus that this evil drug still has a tremendous hold on Wayne County. The pandemic has not slowed those responsible for ruining our wonderful county with this poison,” said Sheriff Shane Fisher. 

   The individuals listed are allegedly responsible for distributing large amounts of methamphetamine throughout Wayne County during the pandemic, hence the name “Operation Covid Relief.” There are several more individuals, both in Wayne County and out of state, that are currently being sought to answer for their charges.

•Shawn Paul DeJean, age 42, Collinwood

•Lonnie Allen Dixon, age 31, Collinwood

•Cecil Lee Bryant, age 42, Collinwood

•Olivia Denise Holt, age 50, Collinwood

•Tammy Lynn Wilcoxson, age 50, Collinwood

•Makayla Delrae Perry, age 25, Waynesboro

•Jerry Allen Johnson, age 40, homeless

•Jimmy Robert Murphy, age 43, Cypress Inn

•David Joe Pitts, age 60, Collinwood

•Rachel Leigh Hart, age 33, Waynesboro

•Chrystal Kay Robbins, age 36, Waynesboro

•Austin Isaac Gunn, age 21, Waynesboro

•Donna Sue Waters, age 56, Waynesboro

•David Jonah Miley, age 37, Cherokee, AL

•Brandon Kyle Stevenson, age 22, Collinwood

•Jordan David Powers, age 25, Lutts

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