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W’boro City Commission Discusses Arrival Date for New Fleet of Golf Carts

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The Waynesboro City Commission met in regular session on Monday, December 13th, 2021 at City Hall in Waynesboro. All commissioners were in attendance, including Mayor Chris Bevis, Vice Mayor Jeff Davis, Commissioner Lynn Warren, Commissioner Jeff Howell, and Commissioner Tony Creasy. Also in attendance were City Manager John Hickman, City Attorney Josh Polk, and City Recorder Paige Jackson.

Mayor Bevis called the meeting to order, and Commissioner Howell offered the invocation.

First on the agenda was approval of the minutes from the previous commission meeting. Commissioner Creasy made a motion to approve, and Commissioner Howell seconded. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Department Reports were next on the agenda. City Manager Hickman distributed monthly investment reports and cash collateral statements to the commissioners for their review. He also updated the commission on some other items, including:

– The new playground equipment at City Park has been installed.

– The new golf carts for the Waynesboro Municipal Golf Course are expected to arrive by December 21 or 22.

– Wayne County Rock is waiting on the go-ahead to start repairs on the Haggard Street bridge. FEMA funds are expected to be released for the project on December 14.

– The next meeting of the Waynesboro City Commission will be on Monday, January 10, 2022.

– The Waynesboro Rotary Christmas Parade was very successful, with lots of participation in the parade and many gathered throughout town to watch and enjoy it.

– The Waynesboro Downtown Committee is to be commended for all their hard work in making the “Christmas on the Square” event a big success.

The only item of new business on the agenda was the vote to approve the Beer Board’s recommendation for approval of the beer license at DJ’s Market (formerly Andy’s Market). Commissioner Creasy made a motion to approve, and Commissioner Warren seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Under “Open Items” on the agenda, Commissioner Howell said that he had heard several positive comments about the recent paving repairs and improvements that the city had done. He asked when the new playground equipment would be ready for use, and City Manager Hickman said that it would take the concrete a short time to cure, and once the rubber mulch is put down, the equipment will be open for use.

Commissioner Howell went on to ask for an update on the sewer plant. City Manager Hickman said that the controls all seem to be working correctly, and that the city plans to continue to remove the sludge more frequently and to increase the aeration.

Commissioner Warren said that he had heard a few complaints about the Christmas wreaths on the light poles around the square not being visible at night. The commission then discussed the possibility of lighting the wreaths by solar or battery lights next year.

Commissioner Creasy reported a pothole on Moore Street that needs to be repaired.

Vice Mayor Davis stated his concerns about school traffic on the streets adjacent to Waynesboro Elementary School. A fairly lengthy discussion followed, with the commissioners agreeing that there is no perfect solution to the problem. City Manager Hickman assured the commission that the City Police manage the school traffic situation as best they can.    With no further business to come before the commission, Commissioner Creasy made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Howell seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.

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