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“Neil Moore Hill” Dedication Ceremony Held Last Saturday

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A hill on Hog Creek Road has been called “Neil Moore Hill” for as long as most of us can remember. It’s used as a reference point for cell service (I’ll call you back when I get on top of Neil Moore Hill), and always during bad weather such as snow and ice. It’s one of the hills in Wayne County that people have always used to determine if they could get to town or get back home.

The late Mr. Neil Moore and his wife have lived in their home on the farm adjacent to “Neil Moore Hill” for over 50 years. They have three children, Danny Moore, Donnie Moore, and Darlene Moore Risner.

“This is the first hill that I know of on a county road that’s ever been named after an individual,” said Wayne County Road Superintendent Chuck Moser. “Neil was a good man, helping others when in need on the creek. He is well deserving of this official naming of the hill in his honor.”

Approximately 100 people attended the ceremony to dedicate the hill in Mr. Moore’s honor on Saturday, November 12. Wayne County Commissioner Vicky Petty presented this to the commission in the January 2022 meeting, and it was passed by the County Commission’s unanimous vote.

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