The Natchez Trace Leads Cyclists to Wayne County

The Natchez Trace
Tammy West with author Barbara Witteman

Fall in Wayne County is a special time, especially for cyclists traveling on the Natchez Trace Parkway. The effervescent trees on either side of the road glow with orange, red and yellow leaves. The crisp atmosphere serves as a reminder that the holiday season is near. The ethereal landscape envelops the 444-mile roadway that runs by Wayne County. Cyclists often merge from the Trace to Collinwood, Tennessee to visit the Wayne County Welcome Center and surrounding local businesses.

Tammy West, manager of Collinwood Depot Branch Library, reported an exciting encounter with author Barbara Witteman who had been cycling on the Trace. Witteman is from North Dakota; she, her husband and their group of friends are biking the entire Natchez Trace Parkway! Witteman writes books, mostly histories and biographies, for children.

Unfortunately, Collinwood Depot Branch Library did not have any of her books on the shelves. Regardless, West was so happy to meet a talented visitor with a deep love and respect for libraries and literature. Collinwood citizens always enjoy meeting the different cyclists who come off the Trace!

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