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Long-Standing Waynesboro Building Demolished, New Things to Come!

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   If you noticed something different when you drove around the square last Tuesday, it was because the blue-sided building, the one with the mural on the side, was gone! The building was demolished on Monday night to make room for the new Quik Mart expansion, coming this spring.

   The building was originally constructed sometime between November, 1895, when J.V. Gallaher purchased the lot, and October, 1923, when the property including the “concrete store building known as the Gallaher building” was sold to D.N. Morrow and J.I. Pitts. The property changed hands several times over the years, eventually housing Barnett Insurance from 1981-1984, and then the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce when it was first organized in 1984. A legal firm called Lackey and Lackey bought the building in 1989, and owned it for two years until Attorney Robert Freemon purchased it for his law practice in 1991. The building began to fall into serious disrepair when Attorney Freemon closed his law office, and was sold once again in 2016.

   The Quik Mart corporation confirmed earlier this week that they now own the property where the building stood. A representative from the Quik Mart corporation stated that the current store will be torn down in the spring to make room for a bigger and better Quik Mart. The new store will be constructed a little further back on the site where the original store now stands, but will be much bigger with more parking as well. The lot where the old “blue” building once stood will become a drive-through for the new store. The representative said that the new store will have more gas pumps, more parking, and more seating, and will employ more people and provide more services than ever before.

   A definite time frame for the demolishing and rebuilding of Quik Mart has not yet been established, but the corporation representative said that it will definitely begin this spring. She went on to say that they are planning to serve customers as long as possible, with as little down time as is necessary between the tearing down of the current store and the opening of the new one.

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