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Local Ministers Pray Over Waynesboro Health & Rehab

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   A group of local ministers got together last Tuesday in the parking lot of Waynesboro Health and Rehab to hold a special prayer. While maintaining social distancing but standing as close to the facility as possible, these faithful men prayed over the residents and staff for health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who prayed together were Edward Murrey, Collinwood/Lutts United Methodist Church; David Byrd, Collinwood First Baptist Church; Tommy Burke, Waynesboro Church of God; Tim Ferguson, Shawnettee Church; and Greg Eaton, Murphy’s Chapel and TN Quality Hospice.

   The residents of Waynesboro Health and Rehab, along with those at Boyd Cottages Assisted Living and residents of other nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the nation, are in an especially fragile condition during this difficult time. If they were to contract the coronavirus, their age and medical conditions would make it extremely hard for them to recover. Both facilities in Waynesboro have implemented a “no visitors” policy at this time to lessen the chance of transmitting germs. While the policy is necessary at this time, many of the residents don’t fully understand the pandemic and why their families can’t visit. The staff of both Waynesboro Health and Rehab and Boyd Cottages are doing a great job of taking care of all the residents, and keeping anxious family members informed on their loved ones.

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