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Lincoln Brass in Waynesboro to Close Doors Permanently

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   Last Thursday, Wayne County Executive Jim Mangubat received a call that no one wanted – a call from the corporate office of Lincoln Brass informing Mr. Mangubat that they would be closing multiple facilities, including the one in Waynesboro. The Lincoln Brass executive said that their location in Waynesboro, which has been in operation for decades, would be closed by April of 2021.

   Lincoln Brass executives cited decreased sales of the products they produce as the reason for the closings. The four facilities that they currently own will be consolidated into one facility, which is located in Ohio.

   The building which houses the facility in Waynesboro is owned by the county. Lincoln Brass has paid a low monthly rent to the county for many years, with the county justifying the minimal rent amount by the employment opportunities and tax revenues the company has provided. County Executive Mangubat said that at this time, Lincoln Brass employs between 45 and 50 people, most from Wayne County.

   “The closing of Lincoln Brass is a horrible blow not just to our county, but to the individuals who have spent decades working at the facility,” said Mangubat. “This is just another example of an American company losing business to China, where the products can be produced cheaper.”

   Mangubat said that as soon as he learned of the plans to close, he began to reach out to his contacts at the state level to look for companies that might be interested in relocating to Waynesboro.

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