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Dear Editor,

   I am a citizen of Wayne County and have been for almost 58 years. I love Wayne County. I own property and houses both in the city and county. I think this gives me the right to voice my opinion.

   There is a big problem with being able to get rid of our trash. I went to our Waste Facility with a truck load of trash I had removed from a house I am getting ready to remodel. I had a piece of carpet about 4’ wide and 6-7’ long. It was rolled up and tied to make it easier to handle and take up less space in the dumpsters, also a piece of sheetrock about 2’ by 18”, I was told I could not throw it in the dumpster without paying a fee. I put it back on my truck. I am not blaming any of the employees at our facility, I have friends that work there, and I don’t think they made such a crazy rule. Apparently, the people making these decisions are not old enough or they have forgotten what it was like years ago. Wayne County is a beautiful county and years ago if you took a ride through the county about every few miles there was a roadside dump. A lot of them were very unsightly. The county decided to clean up these sites using our tax dollars and placed dumpsters around the county. During that time the city dump on Eagle Creek was closed. A person did not have to drive too far to be near a county dumpster. People started putting dead animals in them causing a very foul odor. A few people messed up a good thing for all of us. Now they want to charge us for dumping and the roadside dumps are coming back. The facility on Hog Creek was built so everyone could have a place to remove and dispose of their trash. I thought that is why we pay taxes. I pay both county and city taxes. When the roadside dumps come back, beautiful Wayne County and our county roads are going to become dump sites again.

   I hope our Commissioners will take a hard look at this serious problem. Everybody has trash and we all need a place to get rid of it, without having to pay more hard-earned money to do it. I have remodeled 4 houses in the city limits of Waynesboro that needed a good face lift. I made nice looking homes out of them. I don’t allow trash and such things in the yard or junk cars and such stored on the property. I take pride in my property and it looks good on the city. I love Wayne County and don’t want to see what is coming if things don’t change soon. To all the commissioners please help to change this future.

Thank you,

Respectfully submitted by James Ray Helton

Waynesboro, TN

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