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Introducing: “Ask a Kid!”

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The News asked, “If your stuffed animal could talk, what would it say?”

“My stuffed animal would tell me she would be there for me if I ever need help. Rosie is a Unicorn. She lights up.” —Abigail Partin, CES 2nd Grade, Mrs. Tabitha Holt’s Class

“Hi, I’m Teddy. I’ll talk to you! Funny, huh? I like John Cena! He is really cool! Give me five, Ella!” —Ella Scott, CES 2nd Grade, Mrs. Lee’s Class

“It would say, ‘Give me some chewy meat because I am a panther. I live in the forest. My name is Avocado.'” —Lennox Stooksberry, CES 2nd Grade, Mrs. Ginger Holt’s Class

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