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How To Convince A Loved One To Get Help For Their Anxieties And Fears

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By: Stan Popovich

Do you know a friend or loved one who suffers from fear, anxiety, and depression and do not know what to do?

It can be difficult to watch someone you know struggle with their mental health and not be able to do anything about it. 

As a result, here are six important tips on how to help the person you care about in these kinds of situations.

1. Learn as much as you can in managing anxiety and depression: 

There are many books and information that will educate you on how to deal with fear and anxiety. Share this information with the person who is struggling with their mental health.

2. Be understanding and patient with the person struggling: 

Dealing with depression and anxiety can be difficult for the person so do not add more problems than what is already there. Do not get into arguments with the person who is having a difficult time with their mental health.

3. Talk to the person instead of talking at them: 

It is important not to lecture the person who is struggling with anxiety and depression. Talk to the person about their issues without getting upset. Most people will listen if you approach them in the right manner.

4. Remind the person the importance of getting help: 

One way to convince the person who is struggling with fear and depression is to tell them what may happen if they don’t get some assistance. Anxiety and depression can be difficult to manage and usually these mental health issues won’t go away by themselves.

5. Find out why the person won’t seek assistance: 

Address the issues on why the person will not get the necessary help. Many people who are struggling are fearful and frustrated. Try to find out the reasons why he or she won’t get the help they need and then try to find ways that will overcome their resistance of seeking treatment.

6. Talk to a counselor: 

Talk to a professional counselor on how you can help your friend or relative with their mental health struggles. A counselor can give you advice and ideas on how to help out your friend. Your main goal is to get the person who is struggling to seek help from a mental health specialist.


Stan Popovich is the author of the popular managing fear book, “A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear”. For more information about Stan’s book and to get some free mental health advice, please visit Stan’s website at https://managingfear.com/blog

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