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Farmer’s Almanac Predicting Frosty Precipitation This Winter Season

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Tennessee weather can always be a little flip-floppy. Just when you think the heat of summer is coming to an end, it seems like the weather warms right back up again. But don’t worry, cold lovers – winter is coming!

Winter in Tennessee can be a bit of a beast. It can be tough because it feels like the Volunteer State just can’t make up its mind from day to day. This year, however, if you believe the Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast for Tennessee, the winter season is going to be a bit more consistent than we typically experience. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, or are you hoping for warmer temperatures?

The Farmers’ Almanac has been published annually since 1818. If you’re wondering how the Almanac arrives at its predictions, the actual formula is kept secret. It’s based on planetary positions, tides, and sunspots. According to the Almanac, the success rate for predictions is around 80-85% over the years.

If you’re looking forward to snow, mark January on your calendars. The Farmers’ Almanac predicts that the first month of 2023 might start out a little mild on the country’s eastern half, but it’s expected to be stormy and very, very cold by the middle and end of the month.

A longstanding tradition of winter weather forecasting that involves a little less science and a lot more folklore is looking inside persimmon seeds. To make your own winter weather forecast, find a locally-grown persimmon (to reflect local conditions), and cut open one of the seeds inside the fruit. Look at the shape of the root kernel inside the seed – if the kernel is spoon shaped, expect plenty of snow to shovel. If the kernel is fork-shaped, plan on a mild winter with powdery, light snow. If the kernel is knife-shaped, expect frigid winds that will “cut” like a blade.

Send us your photos of local persimmon seeds, and we will let you know what the winter weather forecast is looking like for Wayne County!

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