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Family and Consumer Sciences Education: Benefits of Growing Your Own Fruits & Vegetables

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•Fruits and vegetables from your own garden are higher in nutrients than the ones that have traveled several thousand miles to get to your grocery store.

•Having your children assist you in the garden can increase the chance that they will eat more of the fruits and vegetables they have helped to grow.

•Growing your own fruits and vegetables can offer you the opportunity to reduce the amount of pesticides that you use in your garden, making them healthier.

•Growing your own fruits and vegetables will save your money at the grocery store.

•Gardening increases physical activity. It is a great way to engage the whole family in physical activity and lets them help to take responsibility for the garden.

•The fruits and vegetables grown in your garden will promote health because they are rich in nutrients, especially in phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A and folate.

•Gardening gives you a real sense of appreciation when you can see the bounty of your efforts.

•Growing a garden gives you a new appreciation for nature.

•Gardening may stimulate many new interests. You may want to learn more about botany, landscape architecture, photography, nutrition, and farmer’s markets.

•Gardening gives you the opportunity to give back. If you have an abundant garden, you might give some of your produce with friends and family.

•This can be a great time to create memories with your children, memories that can last a lifetime.

•Your garden can lead to new skills, and knowledge for you and your family.


•Tall fruit trees provide shade.

•You can use less pesticides or use natural pesticides and this will be less contamination to the environment.

•Produce peels and waste can create a lot of green waste and takes up a lot of space in the garbage can. Recycle them to make your own compost. It is less expensive than buying fertilizers.

•Turn unsightly lands into attractive landscapes.

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