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Employees of Collinwood Clinic Terminated, Clinic to Remain Open Two Days per Week

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    Last Wednesday, April 8th, Wayne Medical Center CEO Tyler Taylor issued the following memorandum directed to the WMC Board of Directors, Wayne County Commissioners, State Representative David Byrd, and State Senator Joey Hensley:

   “As you are aware, Maury Regional Health (MRH) has experienced declining volumes and revenues in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the organization is making adjustments in regards to staffing and hours for certain services until our volumes begin to normalize.

   The Maury Regional Medical Group (MRMG) practice in Collinwood is among those making operational changes. This has resulted in speculation about the services that we provide to the southern portion of Wayne County and I would like to clarify what will be taking place.

   Effective May 4, the Collinwood practice will have a provider on site two days per week from the MRMG Waynesboro practice. MRMG is in the process of recruiting another physician and nurse practitioner to assist in serving this community and we will keep you apprised of our efforts.

   We look forward to the day when this pandemic has passed and appreciate your support as we address the challenges facing our organization. Together, we will get through this and I am grateful for the support of our local leaders and the community.”

   The Wayne County News reached out to CEO Taylor following the posting of the memorandum on social media. Mr. Taylor confirmed that all four current staff members at the Collinwood Clinic had been notified of their termination effective May 1st, 2020. When Mr. Taylor was asked if the four employees of the Collinwood Clinic are expected to be called back to work, he stated that they are not. As we reported in another story this week, Maury Regional Health recently placed over 300 employees on a temporary “furlough” due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but those employees are all expected to be called back to work as soon as the furlough is over.

   When we asked the reason for the abrupt termination of the four long-time Collinwood Clinic employees, Mr. Taylor’s response was “no comment at this time.” He did confirm that MRH is actively recruiting a new physician and nurse practitioner to staff the clinic, and there are still plans to build a new larger Collinwood Clinic with an ambulance bay onsite. A grant has been applied for by the county to provide funding for a new clinic; however, it will be at least August of this year before the grant monies are awarded.

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