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Emergency Sirens to Test Monthly

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   Fifth District Commissioner Sherrie Powers announced this week that the four newly constructed weather warning sirens will be tested the first Monday of each month. The tests will occur at 1:00 pm and last for fifteen seconds. The new sirens are located on Craig Road in Cypress Inn, Cypress Inn Volunteer Fire Department, Lutts Volunteer Fire Department, and on Grassy Creek Road in Lutts. The sirens will sound for approximately three minutes when a Tornado Warning is issued by the National Weather Service.

   The sirens are primarily a warning system if you are outside. “They are meant to warn people who are outdoors to go inside,” Mrs. Powers said. “They’re not meant to warn people inside their houses because, unless you live near a siren, you may not hear it. Especially on a stormy day with thunder, lightning, wind, and rain. If you are inside and severe weather threatens, stay connected and aware through a weather radio, news outlet, social media, or smartphone application.”

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