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County Commission Announces Groundbreaking for New Ag Center

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   The Wayne County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, September 20th, 2021. County Executive Jim Mangubat presided over the meeting. Commissioners in attendance were Tom Mathis, Stephen Pevahouse, Tim Prater, Kathryn Staggs, John McDonald, Tim Powell, Katherine Reeves, David Martin, Phillip Casteel, Vickie Petty, and Rickey Kelley. Also in attendance were County Clerk Stan Horton and County Attorney Andy Yarbrough. Commissioners Herbert Brewer, Mary Lauren Garner, and Sherrie Powers were absent.

   Commissioner Kelley first made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous commission meeting. Commissioner Prater seconded, and the minutes were approved. Commissioner Kelley then made a motion seconded by Commissioner Staggs to approve the minutes from the various committee meetings, and those minutes were approved as well. 

   County Clerk Horton presented Carla Rich and Patrick Blackburn to serve as notaries with approved bonds. Commissioner Kelley made a motion to approve, and the motion was seconded by Commissioner Pevahouse. The notaries were unanimously approved.

   A water update was first under old business. County Executive Mangubat stated that he had been in contact with John Greer, and Greer is very confident that the water plan will still follow through although it is going to take some time due to staffing problems.

   County Executive Mangubat next informed the commission that ground breaking for the new Ag Center is planned for October 25, 2021, with construction planned to begin around the first of November. G&G Construction was awarded the bid for the project.

   Tyler Taylor from Maury Regional/Wayne Medical Center told the commission that they are still waiting on recommendations from the architect before beginning construction on the new Collinwood Medical Building.

   County Executive Mangubat informed the commission that the Health Department wall project had been completed.

   A resident of Kilburn Hollow Road, Danny Gilbert, addressed the commission regarding the possibility of posting a 30 mph speed limit on that road. Commissioner Reeves said that she would speak with other Kilburn Hollow residents and report her findings back to the commission.

   County Executive Mangubat next told the commission that a representative from Trane would be looking at monies that can be used to make repairs, and this would be presented at the next commission meeting.

   Members of the Redistricting Committee were announced next. The members are Lillie Ruth Brewer, Joe Paul Bryant, Bonnie Farris, John McDonald, Phillip Casteel, Katherine Reeves, Kathryn Staggs, Herbert Brewer, Sherrie Powers, and Tom Mathis.

   Commissioner Kelley next made a motion to accept the bid from United Waste Haulers for the hauling of solid waste, and to sign a three-year contract. Signing the three-year contract will save the county $10 per haul. During the three-year period, the Solid Waste department will do research on the cost of transporting Wayne County material. This will include all costs, including but not limited to two trucks, open top containers for material, insurance, fuel, maintenance, and truck driver salary. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Prater, and passed on roll call vote with Commissioners Kelley, Prater, Mathis, Pevahouse, McDonald, Petty, Martin, Staggs, and Reeves voting yes, and Commissioners Casteel and Powell voting no.

   County Executive Mangubat then informed the commission that Kennedy Roofing Company had looked at roof repairs needed at the courthouse, and gave an estimate of $3,419.00.

   Commissioner Kelley next made a motion to sell a Saturn vehicle declared as surplus on govdeals.com. Commissioner Mathis seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

   Department reports were next on the agenda. Highway Superintendent Chuck Moser first gave a brief report on his department.

   Sheriff Shane Fisher then gave an update on his department. He also announced that Wayne County E-911 Dispatcher Bobby Simmons had recently been awarded as “Dispatcher of the Year” by the state 911 organization in recognition of his handling of a 911 call involving two young children who fell into a frozen pond earlier this year.

   Wayne County JECDB Director Rena Purdy next inquired about getting the trees trimmed at Industrial Park prior to the groundbreaking for the new Ag Center.

   Commissioner Mathis made a motion to approve a 3% raise for Digital Hub coordinator Sarah Cook. This raise would be the same as other county employees received. Commissioner Reeves seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

   Houston Smith Road resident Dwain Moore briefed the commission next with concerns regarding the repairs needed on Houston Smith Road that were previously brought to the attention of the commission. Highway Superintendent Moser said that he plans to do some maintenance on the road this fall, and hopefully re-surface the road in the summer of 2022.

   County Executive Mangubat announced that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and said that it would be nice for everyone to wear a pink ribbon during the month of October.

   Maintenance employee Casey Jones told the commission that part of the LED light project at the Criminal Justice Center is about 95% complete, and the remaining section is approximately 75% complete.

   County Executive Mangubat announced that the State has approved the County Budget as presented.

   Mangubat then stated that Kevin Staggs had won the bid as the only bidder on the old nursing home facility located on High Street in Waynesboro. The bid was set at the appraised value of $175,000.00.

   With no further business to come before the commission, Commissioner McDonald made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Kelley seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.

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