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Correctional Officers Appreciation Week Celebrated at Wayne Co. Jail

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The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office celebrated Correctional Officers Appreciation Week last week, and held a special ceremony on Wednesday, May 4. Special recognition was given at the ceremony to Correctional Officer Kellie Devers, who suffered a near-fatal cardiac event while on duty on March 16, 2022, and her co-workers who saved her life.

Officer Devers was working at the jail, performing her regular duties, when she experienced what doctors call “sudden cardiac arrest.” Not a heart attack, but a condition in which the heart suddenly stops beating, and usually results in death. Kellie’s doctors told her that if it had not been for the quick thinking and actions of her co-workers, she would most certainly not have made it.

Kellie, who is only 50 years old, said that her doctors told her that her sudden cardiac arrest could possibly be genetic in nature, since she has never had high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Two of Kellie’s main arteries were blocked, one 90% and one 100%. Doctors were able to insert stents to clear the arteries, and thankfully, open heart surgery was not necessary.

The doctors told Kellie that the real life-saving took place at the Wayne County Jail, when Kellie’s co-workers administered CPR and first aid until paramedics arrived. Kellie was transported to Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia, where her stent procedure was performed. After a short hospital stay, Kellie is now back at home with her husband Scott, and says that she is ready to return to work as soon as possible.

At the ceremony last Wednesday, Sheriff Shane Fisher presented a check to Kellie on behalf of the Sheriff Carl T. Skelton Memorial Fund to help with her healthcare expenses. The late Sheriff Skelton’s wife Karol and daughter Carissa Skelton Pitts were on hand to help make the presentation to Kellie. They said that the fund was started to help aid Wayne County Sheriff’s Office employees with medical expenses or other life-altering events. Those who wish to make donations to the fund may do so at the Wayne County Bank.

Also recognized at the ceremony with medals and certificates were Kellie’s co-workers who saved her life: Cheryl Devers (who is also Kellie’s sister-in-law), Brenda Pevahouse, Robert Littrell, Donnie Carroll, and nurse Mercedes Jones. Sheriff Fisher thanked these employees for all they did to save Kellie’s life, and thanked all of his Correctional Officers for their hard work every day. He also extended his heartfelt thanks to Kellie for doing a great job, and said that he is glad that she is doing so well. He said that she is welcome back at the Sheriff’s Office anytime she feels ready.

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