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Collinwood Middle School Supply Lists

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5th Grade Supply List


•Four ½ binders with pockets

•Loose-leaf paper

•24 pack of crayons

•Sheet protectors

•Glue sticks


•Mouse to use with Chromebook – optional

•Pencil pouch with the following items: #2 wooden pencils (no mechanical), highlighters, erasers, red pens, scissors, handheld pencil sharpener

•Fees: $5 in an envelope labeled Mailing Fee, $5 in an envelope labeled Science Fee

6th Grade Supply List

•Sturdy non-rolling backpack (students will not be allowed to use lockers)

•Personal antibacterial liquid or spray (attached to backpack)

•Zippered pencil pouch packed with: pencils & erasers, red pens, scissors, Crayons (8 or 16 count – no large packs), handheld pencil sharpener (with receptacle for shavings), earbuds/headphones (tend to wear out quickly so please keep some on hand)

•Spiral notebook (at least 70 pages)

•2 inch three ring binder

•$5 report card mailing fee (make checks payable to CMS) Due no later than 8/20

**Your student does not have to have loose-leaf paper.

Please be aware:

•Teachers cannot allow students to share supplies.

•Check supplies in backpacks often (at least weekly). Be prepared to restock as needed.

Wish List – The following are not required but would be greatly appreciated:

•Disinfecting wipes & sprays

•Paper towels

•Germ X

7th Grade Supply List


Loose leaf paper (wide rule)

Pencils #2 with extra erasers

Hand-held pencil sharpener

Three 1 inch binders (one blue, one white, one black and heavy-duty is best)

Sheet protectors (25)

Ear buds or headphones


Mask (cloth)


One 2 ½ or 3-inch heavy-duty binder (3 inch is best)

Red pen

Ruler (see through is best)


Sheet protectors (25 to 50)


Box of crayons


Spiral bound notebook

**Since students will not be allowed to share the above items, please make sure you check with your child periodically throughout the year as these supplies may need to be replenished.**


Hand Sanitizer


Postage fee $5.00

**Cash only please. This would be greatly appreciated

**7th Grade Immunization (shot) Record

***Students can register online

8th Grade Supply List

General Learning:

• four 1-inch three ring binders

• loose-leaf paper for binders

• pencils & ink pens

• handheld pencil sharpener

• headphones/ear buds

• crayons or colored pencils

• glue sticks


CMS Locker Fee $5.00 pay to Homeroom Teacher

CMS Postage Fee $5.00 pay separately to Homeroom Teacher

8th Grade Science Lab Fee: $5.00 pay separately to Mr. Patrick

Please place all fees in an envelope labeled with your student’s first & last name.

Please make sure your student has HIS/HER OWN SET of these materials. Classroom materials CANNOT be shared. Please replenish supplies throughout the school year. If you are having trouble obtaining the general learning items, please contact a teacher.

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